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AIMDBC Call for Action and Participation

We would like to be a resource to Canadians, and become part of the solution in the Physician shortage in rural areas of BC.

We have been told that it is difficult to increase the number of residencies to the number needed to satisfy Canadians needs, but no other processes or strategies have been created or tried. We think other ways can be as successful as the residency program; we can mirror other provinces where special courses and temporary licences increase the options for IMG’s.

The CSA’s (Canadians studying medicine abroad) that are facing the same difficulties that we are facing, are essentially IMG’s too, and are as frustrated as us, with the “bottleneck” issue that the residency number presents.

-Rural B.C. needs more physicians

-There are enough IMG’s (including CSA’s) to provide suitable and qualified medical coverage to all B.C.

-AIMD BC calls to Government, College, University, and patients to think outside the box to find bridges to help BC, thus us all.

Come and join us!!

Hedi D. Chable, President