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Remember that we always require some help, so think if you have some time available and VOLUNTEER with us!!

AIMD BC is an association of like-minded internationally trained medical doctors who have formed a unified voice’ to communicate issues and concerns more effectively to the public and to stakeholders.

AIMD BC is well organized, meets regularly, has a core group of dedicated doctors who are leaders in the organization, and has working groups investigating various issues. At this time the society is not yet incorporated under the Society Act of BC. For now our intention is to commit our time and energy to addressing immediate concerns surrounding access to healthcare for IMG’s. We have policies and procedures in place in order that our association work cooperatively, fairly and with high ethical standards. We also have a partner at MOSAIC that takes care of our finances for us so that we can focus on the issues.

Mission Statement

To ensure that internationally trained medical doctors are integrated effectively and equitably into British Columbia's healthcare system.

Our Goals

  1. To facilitate access to the licensing process for international medical doctors living in British Columbia.
  2. To work collaboratively with other stakeholders to identify and develop appropriate assessment, orientation, upgrading and integration programs for British Columbia IMGs.
  3. To provide information and support to members in licensing and finding meaningful employment in the healthcare field.

Our Board of Directors

Our board of directors were those initial doctors who got the organization going and this format of having those doctors who want to be active in the association come forward has worked and is one that continues. If you are interested in becoming more active in the association, let us know and come out to our board meetings. When we have a vacancy on the board and if both parties believe there is a good fit then you can be accepted to the board by a simple majority of the sitting board members.

Our Executive

The positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are all positions that must be elected by the board of directors. Generally this is done around the AGM time frame on a yearly basis. There must be a majority of the board present at a meeting for the election to occur (quorum) and a simple show of hands majority after due process (nomination, seconded, agreement to stand for a position and majority vote) is all that is required.

Our Philosophy

We have all our agenda and minutes for each and every meeting since our first meeting on July 11th 2003. In our minutes we have decisions made about the organization, its direction, its policies and its goals. Our objective as an organization is to balance the time and effort that we put into producing structure and rules with the real reason we have come together and that is to cooperate and affect positive change.

We are an organization of like minded IMGs who believe that the best approach to integrating more internationally trained medical doctors into the healthcare system in BC is to first show by example that we can cooperate amongst ourselves as doctors from around the world and then to use the same skills to work with healthcare stakeholders, employers and educators.

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