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We, all the Board members, are volunteers. We do not receive any payment for the hours (and sometimes, they are long…) we expend in organizing meetings, interviews, sending emails to have presenters at our meetings, and Education sessions, putting together this website, and processing new registrations, keeping the Facebook page alive, attend meetings with UBC, the college and any other institution or group that can help us in our objectives.

We always seek attention to our cause, fairness treatment to get to practice in Canada and help to find alternative ways to be able to do this.

In addition, we love to be able to answer all the questions we receive by email or through the website, and we do, but sometimes we are late or take too long… So, in order to improve this we would like to ask you to follow these suggestions:

If you are registering, and have a question re this, please email only the registration email:

If you have a general question or suggestion, please post them in our Facebook page, so all get to see it, and we can all learn from it.

If you would like to contact the Board Member that is organizing the Education Sessions, please email:

When you ask for a meeting with any of the Board Members, please be aware that we do not have our own facility, as we book our meetings in some Hospitals, so we are unable to provide a specific appointment to meet. Instead we will have “Meet, Greet and Network” occasions throughout the year that will be posted here and in our page in Facebook.


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